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Place working orders from IG charts

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We have a great new feature which is available on desktop charts: you can now trade faster by choosing to place a working order directly from the charts, rather than needing to fill out the deal ticket, and take full advantage of our drag and drop stop/limit functions. This new feature should reduce the effort and number of steps required to place an order, remove the need to type, and also offer a clear visual preview of your order before placing. 

To place your working order straight from the charts...

  1. Hover your cursor on your desired level (taking advantage of the cross hair to find support and resistance).
  2. Right-click on the chart at the desired level.
  3. Select “Dealing” and confirm a Buy or Sell order (NB: to speed up the process the order size would auto fill with the last used size by default. In the video below, because no previous trades have been made on this account, a size is entered manually).
  4. You can drag up and down your Stop and limit levels (defined as absolute levels) and see your risk reward ratio.
  5. Click on the “Place Order” button to confirm.

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Guest phil


just tried this

very intuitive 



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