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Bollinger %B & Bollinger Bandwidth



We're happy to announce that both Bollinger %B and  Bollinger Bandwidth are now available to use on the web platform and mobile app. 

Bollinger %B

Bollinger %B indicator helps you work out where price is in relation to the upper and lower Bollinger Bands.

This shows a reading of 1 if the price is trading at the upper band, or 0 if it's at the lower band. 

Bollinger %B allows you to take readings of divergences that often precede market reversals:

  • A bearish divergence occurs when there are lower highs in %B during an uptrend in price (higher highs)
  • A bullish divergence occurs when there are higher lows in %B during a downtrend in price (lower lows)

GBP_USD bb%.png


    Bollinger Bandwidth

    The Bollinger Bandwidth gives a reading on the distance between the upper and lower Bollinger Bands:

    • A low reading could be a sign that volatility is about to rise. Low volatility is often seen as a precursor to a spike in price.
    • You can use the tool in a highly trending market. A fall in volatility is often seen when markets are consolidating, or momentum is building for the next move.
    • A reversal in the direction of the bandwidth can be a sign of a market reversal, as it could mean a recent surge or slump in price is losing momentum
    • GBP_USD BBw.png
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