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Weekend margin



Changes to margin this weekend 

We will be increasing a range of minimum  margin rates on new positions only going into the weekend, as per the below. No impact for retails traders or markets where minimums are already higher and no changes to any existing positions.

  • Indices to 5% at 16:00 GMT
  • FX/Gold to 3% at 16:00 GMT
  • Oil (energies) to 15% at 16:00 GMT

We will revert to lower margins rates on Sunday with minimum rates of 1% Indices/FX and 5% Oil. Once again these changes will be dependent on market conditions over the weekend.

As mentioned in our last volatility reminder 

Due to ongoing volatility, there is significant risk that markets may gap when they re-open on Sunday night. Please ensure that you’re comfortable with the size of your positions heading into the weekend, and also be aware that we may see circuit-breakers applied over the coming days – see below. 

We urge you to do the following:  

•   Monitor your positions closely at all times  
•  Ensure you are comfortable with the size of your positions, and the effect that any market gap may have on them 
•   Ensure you have sufficient funds on your account to cover your positions in the event of a significant market move  
You can also use our weekend markets to hedge against risk on your weekday positions. 

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The margin increases are a disgrace and the spreads are getting wider. IG really are showing their true colours when volatility increases. Treating Customers Fairly is not on their agenda.

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