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  1. IGMan

    Weekend margin

    The margin increases are a disgrace and the spreads are getting wider. IG really are showing their true colours when volatility increases. Treating Customers Fairly is not on their agenda.
  2. Why is there such a large spread after 10pm on this heavily traded pair? Smacks of extortion
  3. Both the App and the Desktop are slow and unresponsive and mostly unusable. This has cost me money tonight, will I get compensation - NO. Balance info disappears, open orders very slow to load and when you close a trade, it wont execute because the live price has moved. Usual message to call the trading desk, but phone lines don't get answered quickly so if you are active, forget about using this platform. The performance recently has been a disgrace.
  4. It wasn't older browsers but older broadcasts. The version of chrome used was bang up to date. I see the issue has now been resolved and all historical broadcasts are playing on Google Chrome. Still comes down to a fault in the testing.
  5. The recent IOS 12.2 update has rendered the App unstable. The screens stop responding, the app crashes and there are a lot of stuck or slow sessions. It needs fixed urgently
  6. Nor do they respond to Forum posts so it is a waste of time doing this.
  7. It tells me that IG have not tested their web pages across multiple browsers.
  8. Olser broadcasts do not run on chrome. They do on Safari.
  9. The latest IGTV show will load and play but all previous shows do not load. Why is that?
  10. I agree. I have scaled back my trading significantly since the new rules were introduced and I suspect many others have too.
  11. A real backward step introducing new margin calculations for guaranteed stops. If I do £5 a point on the Dow with a guaranteed stop of 20 the margin was always 100 plus the premium of 1.8 giving £109. Now it is £548 to place the same trade. This really makes it uncompetitive and a very bad move from IG. Disappointed that we are faced with another blocker.