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Any thoughts on where this will go.  Currently above the support line but a break of the support line could see a big drop.


I suppose again the crucial factor is the interest rate.  I see conflicting articles on this daily.  Over the weekend BofE govenor Mark Carney has said that he has not been close to voting to raise rates.  


I will be watching UK GDP figures Wednesday.  0.7% for Q2 expected.  Also 2.6% y/y.  Then of course NFPs on Friday.  Last month's 173k was well below market expectations.  Expecting 203k this release.



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Hey Firing Squad,


I want to be long GBPJPY and short EURGBP.

I like the prospects for the GBP but the USD I feel will continue to get stronger.

Japan and Europe continue to have monetary policy pointing to easing further and so I believe are a good short on the other side of wanting to be long GBP


What do you think?

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hi FiringSquad - it is two days later and we are still in that ballpark (GBP/USD now, 30/9/2015 at 14:00 gmt on 15171) - not really moving. Also seeing conflicting realizations on analysis and fundemetal info every day - HUGE uncertainty.... I am a GBP bull, so...


Will be interesting when we talk again in, say, a week or so ???/


Happy days

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Hey Jason,


US rate rise coming this month.

I expect the USD will be strong until then so the Pound should continue to weaken this week.


My feeling is there won't be another rise in rates for a while after this one.

This should see a good bounce coming post the rates decision.


Just my thoughts and I will be trading accordingly.





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