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Foreign Investments & Dividends



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On 16/05/2020 at 08:30, FGREIBACH said:

Is it possible to keep foreign investments & dividends in the currency of the investment, or does the IG system automatically convert everything to GBP?


With spread betting/ CFD accounts the funds will always convert back to the base currency. You can get the base currency changed. If you wish to have a USD and GBP account this can be arranged by adding a new account then calling/ emailing us and asking for the base currency to be changed for the 2nd account. 


With share dealing accounts the base currency must stay the same but you can change the settings to manual which means when you sell stock the funds will stay in the same currency. You can choose when to change the funds. This can be done on the MyIG page. 



With an ISA account they funds have to be converted back to the base currency of the account (GBP). 

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