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3 hours ago, Cedric said:

I just posted a message and stated that I was unable to find the 'net off' and the 'force open'. What I meant to say was how you I use them?

Force open is also known as Hedging mode, for example you have a long trade open but price turns against you but you consider this to be temporary so with force open you open an equal size trade in the opposite direction and so your profit/loss total remains fixed until price turns again back in you favour when you then close out the hedge trade.

You would use the net off if you had an open position and want to close it with a stop order in the opposite direction (a standard stop loss) or if you wanted to scale out with a series of smaller stop orders at various target levels.

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4 hours ago, Cedric said:

Hi Caseynotes, Thanks for your help. I did what you suggested and this is what I received :-

Oder submitted                What then happened.   Where did I go wrong ?


Hi, not sure what's wrong there, do the order level sliders come up on the chart and what happens if you move the stop up and down? Also if a live account check what happens on demo and if demo account check on live.

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    • Dear @espiral, Thank you for your response. Please note that we cannot offer this stock on leveraged accounts and it is only available for non-leveraged accounts. This is because of the higher broker margin which would need to be transferred to the clients. Thanks, KoketsoIG
    • Hi, Now ORA is not available with leverage on the platform.
    • Hi Philo, Keep up the great analysis Been watching and waiting for weeks This next chart is the US 10 yr Yld composite cycle Index - I stopped updating it in 2017, as I'm not interested in Int rates, I might at some point update it to show the next topping of the big cycle but that's decades away - Anyone living in the land of "low rates are here to stay" need to wake up, as over the next few decades rates are going to rise and rise and rise (definitely into double digits) If you are macro based and use Int rates in your analysis, then try to picture the forward projected large BLUE and PINK cycles To give you some scales to the chart - the FAR LEFT is the early 1960's, the PEAK in 1981/2 and the start of the blue flat lining line is 2017 Anyway, over the next few decades you will see a steady gradual rise as the Yld is forced upwards by those cycles THT
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