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Looking for a list of 'instrument' 'EPIC's




I was trying my hand at programming to get some data. I am unable to find a list of instrument EPICs in the glossary or reference. Could anyone please point me to the right place to look for those?

EPIC = 'CS.D.EURUSD.MINI.IP'  here is an example of an epic. I am looking for FTSE100 DFB and others.


Thanks in advance



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Hi panja, I normally use the "markets" endpoint to search for EPICs. If you are able to connect to the API there is an endpoint listening at:


Where the search term would be a common string that you would use to identify the market. As an example, using FTSE as the search condition the url would become like 


The json response will contain the market EPIC.

"markets": [{
        "epic": "IX.D.FTSE.DAILY.IP",
        "instrumentName": "FTSE 100",
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