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Microsoft dividends



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Still haven't received this. I've had three emails now from IG saying various things - "it'll be paid either this afternoon or tomorrow' or 'we've run into issues with Microsoft dividends and it'll be paid soon". I just have to shake my head sometimes. I wonder how many people miss out on dividends or rights issues or other adjustments. If you're not watching everything like a hawk with IG, stuff just goes....missing.

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time to face it guys, they need reporting to FCA and receive a large fine. their site is unhelpful, deliberately in my opinion, and they are failing to pass on information. I had not thought they would not give us dividends but who knows since they are incompetent and extremely casual about it.

I have other issues but right now want details of dividends for tax return. can see nothing here except they claim they send out a tax consolidation thing . well, I never received one this your or previous years either. Has anyone ?

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