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Refer a friend - where my £100?



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On 05/10/2020 at 13:51, Baz123 said:


I refered a friend who has signed up with you and bought shares over 2 weeks ago so I want to know where the £100 referral gift is?




Thanks for your post. 

If this is the UK refer a friend scheme your friend had to sign up using the link, fund a leveraged account and trade on it once. The refer a friend scheme is looked at once a week so if you qualify you should be credited on a Wednesday/Thursday. 

If you don't get your credit by Thursday I would advise emailing us so we can check this for you. 

All the best 

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14 hours ago, Newraj said:

I have 2 more friend who want to join IG Account .how should i reffer to them then how could i get benefit for me.


Please note the scheme is only for certain countries but Australia is one of them. The scheme is only for leveraged trades so if you only have a share trading account you will not be able to find it. You can open a CFD account then you will find the option to refer friends by selecting settings> Refer a friend on the MyIG page. 

Please check the terms and conditions before referring friends, as mentioned it only applies to leveraged trading so your friends will have to have a leveraged account and trade there. 

All the best 

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