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Unable to withdraw funds although have money available.



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I have been trying to contact you for over 1 week. Phone is always busy & Live Chat doesn't work.

I want to remove my funds from your platform. Says I have cash on my account but can't transfer to my bank account. This is quite concerning... Can you please assist?

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17 hours ago, markeddy said:

I have funds available but when i go to withdraw funds it says not available at this time? I have withdrawn money before but never suffered this problem, am I missing something?


With non leveraged account you have a settlement period. 

With Spread betting and CFD accounts if the funds are available you should be able to withdraw them. If you're having issues with one of these account please reach out to us. 

All the best 

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Guest Budash

Same issue... why does it take so long for funds to clear on this platform? We are living in the digital age and once we have verified I cant see the hold up. Very quick to take your money, incredibly slow and unresponsive to withdraw. I will be taking my money elsewhere 

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On 02/03/2021 at 01:03, Guest Budash said:

Same issue... why does it take so long for funds to clear on this platform? We are living in the digital age and once we have verified I cant see the hold up. Very quick to take your money, incredibly slow and unresponsive to withdraw. I will be taking my money elsewhere 

With card withdrawals they're transferred immediately. When you're sending money (same as when you get a refund from a shop) the funds take 2-4 working days because they travel through an intermediate. We send the funds out within one working day of receiving your instructions. How long they take after that we don't have control over.  

On 23/02/2021 at 13:46, Nick12 said:

Same here. I sold shares on Friday (19.02.2021). Today (23.02.20121) the funds are still not available for withdrawal. What is going on?

The settlement period for shares has nothing to do with IG it's due to the underlying market settlement and handover of shares and money. If you sold shares on Friday, by Tuesday that's T+2. If you were holding US shares they may not be available until close of business Wednesday. 


All the best 

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