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57 minutes ago, jacksimpson said:

Hi,  I'm using the IG web based charts.

Hi, not seeing a problem on my demo. check you are placing each chart in a workspace, if many charts then create extra workspaces.

Try 'save layout' from right click menu on a chart.

see on forum if anyone else reports same problem, may need to email tech via the helpdesk if problem persists.


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Hi,  Many thanks for your advice. I'll try that.  The situation, to try and make it clearer is that currently I had two charts on at the same time, reduced in size and side by side,  I think perhaps "session inactivity" may have some part to play as it is always if I go away for a cup of tea and when I come back the two charts have disappeared. Sometimes the main chart on the demo is still there but most times I have to sign in to IG again.

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