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Mobile app compatibility with Android Wear

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Does anyone have any experience of using the mobile app with a smart watch running Android Wear?  I am thinking of getting a smart watch, primarily to make it more convenient / easy to know when I get notifications and to see a snapshot of what the notification is. I have not used a smart watch before so am not sure if all apps will work with it or not. Most importantly, whether the IG app ....


I would be grateful if anyone has any comments / advice on this.



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On 03/08/2019 at 02:12, Guest Guest said:

Do you have app for wear os by now?



42 minutes ago, KingDavid said:

Is there already an Google Wear OS App for the Android users?

Hi @KingDavid,
There is no Google Wear app for Android users at the moment. I will forward this suggestion to the development team to be reviewed.

Thank you for your feedback - Arvin 

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