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How do I subscribe to an IPO?



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    • dear oh dear, where to start? - the disinformation being peddled by the establishment to blame the unvaxxed for a seasonal rise in cases and order more vax mandates? - the continued misuse of the PCR test to inflate the numbers? - Let's start with the negative efficacy of the vaccines, are they causing deaths rather than stopping them? (yes).   Latest data from Israel and deaths increased hot on the heels of the booster rollout, just the same as after the initial vax rollout.   Ruminator Dan (Telegram: RuminatorDan) @RuminatorDan ''ISRAEL, Covid cases, deaths & vaccinations, 20 Feb 2020 to 19 Oct 2021. [owid data; unprocessed, apart from normalising.] grey = daily new cases; red = daily new deaths; blue = daily new V's; dotted = cumulative V's; totals in key.'   Dr Clare Craig @ClareCraigPath ''This is going to sound utterly contradictory but it is true. Covid infections increase for a period before they start to fall. This is well established. SAGE and PHE have discussed the phenomenon.'' 'SAGE commented on the phenomenon in March 2021 but have ignored it since:' “The observation that a significant number of people developing [sic] symptoms within a few days of a first dose may suggest some behaviour change following vaccination (and before immunity has developed). It is important therefore that communications around vaccination reinforce the need for safe behaviours to be maintained. It may also be the case that some infections occur during the end-to-end process of vaccination (i.e. including journeys to and from vaccination). It gets worse before it gets better – HART (hartgroup.org)   Then there are the people dying immediately after getting the vax but because of the < 14 day rule (now < than 28 days) they are listed as unvaxxed and therefore are unvaxxed deaths. The problem is it's not just a few 🤔 'In this interview Norman Fenton explains the results of a new report that analyses the latest ONS data on mortality of vaccinated v unvaccinated.' Norman Fenton interviewed by Majid Nawaz, LBC Radio 4 Dec 2021 - YouTube          
    • By Tom Westbrook, 7th December 2021. Full article: investing.com SYDNEY (Reuters) - The dollar was supported against other safe-haven currencies such as the Japanese yen on Tuesday, hanging on to a jump made with U.S. yields, as investors hoped early signs the Omicron variant may be mild will be proved correct. Riskier currencies have also found buyers, and the Australian dollar firmed after the central bank sounded cautiously upbeat about Omicron, though it made no policy changes.
    • By Gina Lee, 7th December 2021. Investing.com – The dollar was up on Tuesday morning in Asia as concerns about the omicron COVID-19 variant started receding. The U.S. Dollar Index Futures that tracks the greenback against a basket of other currencies inched down 0.09% to 96.245 by 12:12 AM ET (5:12 AM GMT). What is your view for the US Dollar?
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