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Not able to generate key for demo API account.




I have created demo account for testing API stuff. But to access the API I need to generate the key, but I am not seeing that option into the "Setting" Page.

Would you please let me know, how would I do that ?




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I found a way to get at the API keys. Here's a guide.

You will need to have a live share dealing account in order to access it.

1. On the "My IG" page, Click the down arrow on the "Open new platform" button, and click on "Open old platform".


This will open the old platform, which looks quite retro compared to the current platform, but it's still functional and has things that haven't yet found their way into the current platform.

2. In the top right of the old platform, click on "My Account".


A modal window will appear in the current page called "My Account". 

3. In the left-side pane of that modal window, you will see a menu item called "Settings". Click on it.


4. That menu item will expand to show more options, one of which is called "Web API keys". Click on that.


You will now get to see any API keys you may have created already, as well as a form to create a new API key.

Happy trading.

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