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I apologise upfront if the question I ask has been already asked however, here goes. I have filled in the online registration form for access to L2 Dealer and the pop up message states that they are dealing with my application. The funds for this service have already been charged to my account and I have downloaded the "Pre-requisite download as instructed and I can see the "set-up.exe" link which is on my desktop however, I cannot see any other icons or links to start/launch L2 Dealer to enable me to get to grips with how it works so that I can practice looking at the order book for the shares I am interested in trading on the LSE?

Do I have to wait for the online application iI filled in as mentioned above to be vetted and or approved by IG?

Thank you for any advice on this.

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Hi @43WEST

Thanks for the query. 

If you have already been charged, it means the data feeds are already active on your account. You only need to install the platform and login using your IG credentials. If you are having technical issues installing the software then it is best to seek IT support on our live chat feature or by emailing helpdesk.uk@ig.com

All the best, 


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