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Fund annual charges and external dealing fees

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I was hoping to find a Share Dealing Demo account to check external charges on funds, trusts, and REITS, but apparently one is not available. The IWEB platform identifies upfront external annual charges on stocks like VOF, WWH, AEW, etc which would make short term trades expensive; For example IWEB total dealing charges for AEW amount to 4.8%! Of course I realise they are intended as longer term holdings. My question is does IG identify external charges, and if so where?

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Are you mixing up platform annual charge with the ongoing charge within a specific fund?  I thought IWEB charged one off £100 when you open account, then there is no annual  platform charge


If you mean the fund ongoing charge eg this is from  VOF on  harg lansdown platform - the 1.84% is taken directly from the VOF fund itself (almost behind the scenes , so you don't see it!) so its not taken from you account cash as such... 



Screenshot 2022-05-17 224230.png

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11 hours ago, gezmond said:

Are you mixing up platform annual charge with the ongoing charge within a specific fund? 

No but I was incorrectly thinking that there was an upfront fund/trust charge at the point of dealing, but of course this ongoing charge is wrapped up within the fund/trust, rather than additional dealing charges. I was thrown by the way iWeb displays charges at point of dealing, and on scanning I missed seeing the stars pointing to clarification notes. Thank you @ AndaIG and @gezmond for clarifying.

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