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Why was this order rejected?



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10 hours ago, AidanMcCullough said:

Hi all,

How can I find out the reason for an order rejection?  Example below.  There is not much information as to why the order was rejected.

The symbol is URNM.  The time was 14:45 BST (09:45 ET), so the market was open.


Hi @AidanMcCullough,

Thank you for post.

This ETF does not have a Key Information Document, therefore we are unable to open new positions with that ETF, it is on closing only.

Regulation (EU) No 1286/2014 (the PRIIPs) regulation states that all retail clients must be provided with a Key Information Document (KID) prior to the purchase on any security (PRIIP) within the scope of the regulation

I hope that it helps - Arvin

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