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Costs of a spread bet

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I have been routed through to the IG platform via the Robbie Burns Spread Betting book. 

In his book he says the cost of a spread bet left overnight for 3 nights using DRP with IG is 'pennies' . However when I've looked at the costs per spread example on the IG website I have found the following:


Admittedly Robbie's book was written in 2019, but have the costs of spread betting really gone up by that much?



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6 hours ago, Hampshire321 said:

Hi, sorry to bump this thread but does it really cost over a tenner please to leave a spread bet open overnight?

Hi @Hampshire321,

The above example is for 3 nights. 

Now the SONIA rate is 1.72% roughly.

It will depend on the amount per point you are holding and closing price.

Thank you - Arvin

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