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Snapshot button for charts

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16 hours ago, traveler said:

Is there a snapshot button to take snapshot of the chart screen I am looking at? I use my macbook snapshot but it will take unnecessary info such as my account details.



Hi @traveler

Thank you for our post.

There isn't a snapshot feature. But you can open the market or ticket in a new window, your account details shouldn't show up :

I hope that it helps !

All the best - Arvin

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11 hours ago, traveler said:

Thank ItsAlex. Is there a shortcut ctrl S etc. button for this sort of thing?

Hi @traveler,

Unfortunately, there isn't a shortcut to export the chart, generally speaking there is no keyboards shortcuts on the platform. It is to avoid fat fingers errors where clients could open or close position by inadvertence.

Thank you - Arvin

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