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Useful resource web page with links to free simulator trading programs. Mainly for ETF's and stocks but useful for general trading practice and backtesting entry and exit strategies and indicators. 


Sims are great for testing as you can fast forward through weeks worth of price data looking for entries and exits and re-running a test period with different strategies. The win rate, profitability etc stats are automatically calculated so you can compare each run which makes it much easier to see just what does and doesn't work. Easier and more realistic with much less chance of bias curve fitting than trying to do it manually on a normal platform.



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The Black Monday Sim was awesome  ! Thanks for sharing. It reminds me a little of this video on HFT which is fascinating. Have a look at the timer on the bottom of the screen. That's hours : Minutes : Seconds : milliseconds you can see. The video timer displays from 56 seconds 125 milli through to 56 seconds 655 ... about half a second over almost a 6 minutes video.




2017-10-20 10_13_03-Edit Message _ IG Community.pngP.s. as an FYI you can embed videos using this link at the top of your 'post' box >>>>


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Hopefully IG will follow Admiral Markets and add a simulator component to the MT4 demo platform. It looks absolutely awesome and would benefit everyone not just regular MT4 users. Simulators are perfect for backtesting as they use historical data and are able speed up time, so even if you have a long term strategy dozens of entries can be tested quickly in a more realistic setting than normal manual backtesting.


This looks even better than ForexTester which is also MT4 based and retails for around £220 but this is free on Admiral.  






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