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Spread on Provident Financial PLC DFB is wrong


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The spread on Provident Financial PLC DFB is wrong and has been for two days.


It is still a FTSE100 share and so the spread should be 0.001 not 0.0025.


The share is due for relegation to FTSE250 Monday 18th September so the spread should be increased then and not now.  It has been done too early.


Note Royal Mail is also being relegated then but the spread is currently correct at 0.001


Please fix asap.


Thank you in advance.

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Hi thanks for this message. I've just double checked Providence Financial (PFG) and it does look like it has the 0.1% spread on the DFB (as per below with a DMA and Spread Bet Input ticket 789.5 x 1.001 = 790.2896).


I can see that Providence Resources however has the 0.25% which may have been what you are looking at? 



2017-09-07 11_59_29-Inbox - James.Perry@ig.com - Outlook.png



2017-09-07 12_01_08-Inbox - James.Perry@ig.com - Outlook.png

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Thanks  for coming to the Community to get this sorted, and glad we could get the issue resolved.


We try and deal with all issues as quickly as possible, however for some time sensitive questions (for example if you were looking to deal on Provident as soon as possible) it's always worth noting we have a 24 hour phone line during the dealing week. All the best. 


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