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Cannot login to IG Markets on the browser platform.



It's been a week and a half now and I still can't login. At first I got the "unexpected error" message but now I get the "Trade as normal while our website is undergoing maintenance" message asking me to use the app. This is not acceptable for me. Tech support are saying it's my Telstra network however the phone app works fine on my network. Every other service (Nabtrade, internet banking, email etc) I use on the network is working fine. Anyone having this issue?

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Ok so it looks like Telstra have restricted IG site access through their DNS as part of protecting people from bad sites which I suspect IG is trying to sort out ASAP as their use is legitimate. Telstra support were far from helpful and even said I needed to pay for their platinum service. When I suggested I would report this requirement to the Ombudsman they gave me a one off access but the Platinum team had no knowledge of the issue or how to resolve beyond trying to get me to fill in a security complaint form!

So here was my workaround for a windows 10 PC (no promises it would work for others). 

I went to my computer settings (typing in 'settings' using the magnifying glass in bottom left corner of my computer)
I then Selected 'Network & Internet' then WiFi properties
Scrolled towards the bottom of the page for 'IP settings' 
Took a note of my IPv4 address number and IPv4 gateway number.
Pressed the button to edit the 'IP assignment' and selected 'Manual'
Made IPv4 ON - then 
IPv4 address: added my IPv4 address number I took down before
IPv4 Subnetprefex length: 24
IPv4 gateway: added my IPv4 gateway number I took down before
Preferred DNS:
Alternate DNS:
Pressed Save

As a final step I cleared the DNS cache through the Run Command prompt by searching for 'Command or CMD' using the magnifying glass in bottom left corner of my computer. This brought up a black screen with C:\users\###> prompt - the ### was my user name (different for each user)
I then typed in after the C:\users\###> the following 
ipconfig /flushdns
(note the space between ipconfig and /flushdns is needed)

I also cleared my cache on my Chrome Browser (three dots) top right and selected Settings/Privacy and Security/Clear Browsing data. Then went into IG and logged in successfully.

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Same issue with Telstra - IG have confirmed they are "aware of current issues affecting Australian clients ability to login to the desktop browser version of IG. Afflicted clients have been noted to have Telstra as their ISP provider. Our I.T specialist department is currently working to resolve the login issue with Telstra at the highest priority." They also said one client had contacted Telstra directly to change some ISP settings to resolve it - so next step is to have fun contacting Telstra. Will share if there is a fix this way....

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I have been having the same problem logging in since September 2. But I don't believe it's only Telstra problem anymore, because myIG and View Full History are not working either and it's a big problem to deposit or withdraw money.  And I don't understand why IG is not taking action to fix these problems. It could take legal action against Telstra if indeed Telstra is the problem. 

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I am also having the same problem for soem weeks. I can login using Telstra as ISP sometimes but not all the time. Also when I managed to log in I can see some data, eg Position Statement  but can't access the History page etc.  I brought this to the attention of IG tech team but it appears it has not been resolved yet. They cannot explain how I can access the account using Telstra on some days/times if they have restricted IG clients accessing the IG Website. It appears IG Markets not doing much to sort out this issue. I was told to get another ISP !!

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1) Bliz_23 solution worked for me.

2) Switch to Telstra Mobile instead of Telstra NBN (unplug your NBN cable).

I have been unable to login on Telstra home NBN for a few weeks now. If I unplug the NBN cable, my Telstra Gateway switches to Telstra Mobile, and that works - I can login. But Bliz_23 solution also works, changing your DNS. I am surprised that Google DNS does not work, I have been using that for many years, I never use the ISP DNS. And I never use my router as the DNS, because router DNS often fails and can be subject to Man In The Middle attacks.

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