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Why do Traders say that DAX 40 (Germany) is the hardest market to trade, when it is the easiest?

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Yesterday, the market was divided, so I stayed out.

Today, I predicted that there would be a relief rally on DAX (Germany) 40 in the morning.

Therefore, I went long at the cash open and made 170 points.

Did anyone else have a similar experience?

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Yes I agree Guru, giving current examples is a good way of doing it!

I have been trading for over 20 years and in the last 11 years I found myself mainly trading DAX (Germany) 40, because it is the easiest and most profitable.

Which market do you find easiest to trade, Guru?

Does anybody else find DAX easier to trade than other markets? 

I am interested in hearing other traders' experiences.

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15Apr2024.thumb.png.7cf581646e066751ed0a2d1f380598f3.png17Apr2024.thumb.png.03d78f3da01082d962eb3fdd9cf570cd.pngI have been asked to provide annotations for my charts for 15/4/24 and 17/4/24. 

In my opinion this helps to show that DAX is easier to trade than other markets.

I would be interested to hear other peoples views.

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I am a little puzzled about the claim of the DAX being an easy market to trade. Moreover, thank you for the charts examples, but I am skeptical about that too. I am too old in this game to believe any claim made on an historical piece of data.

But please do give me some more pieces of hard tangible evidence that the DAX may be an easier market than let's say the Dow or the S&P. I can allow for my mind to be changed.

In the mean-time I believe that trading is a minefield, and I am never careful enough. The DAX is no exception as far as I am concerned. All the best

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Yes Goldenbrown, I think you make a good point about being careful when trading. 

In my opinion, only trades which are calculated to have a high probability of being correct should be placed.

DAX is a market that can look daunting at first, but after a lot of study and experience with it, I have found it to be easier than the others.

If you would like to see the answers to your other points, please see my IG Community Profile.

Best regards.

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Another reason I think that DAX is easier to trade than other markets is that the ECB is generally clearer about forward guidance. 

For example, I had two really good trades this week, which were helped by  Bundesbank President Joachim Nagel's remarks that the ECB's expected June rate cut, will not necessarily be followed by others. 

Here are the two trades:



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I think another aspect is that DAX has a tendency to make decisive and clean moves - more so than other markets.

For example, I had a really good trade last week, that shows this very clearly (see chart below)


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Last week was short on trading days: Monday: UK Bank Holiday,      Wednesday: French Holiday, Thursday: German Holiday. But on Friday I went long on DAX (Germany) 40 at 08:28, Entry: 18,774, Stop: 18,754 and closed out my position at 18,848 winning 74 points (see chart below).


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