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Why have stops disappeared from share trading Acc?

Guest Blix




The ability to place stops has disappeared from my share trading account. This is quite alarming.


I can place sell limits that cancel end of day, but stops (GTC) have disappeared.


Obviously stops are essential, so why has that functionality gone from my Web and mobile platforms?


I've never heard of a share trading platform that doesn't allow you to place a stop.

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Very kind of you to look into it James.


Stocks are UK:


Proxama PLC




Capricor Therapeutics

Akari Therapeutics

InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corporation

Ocean Power Technologies

Synergy Pharmaceuticals


I can make limit day orders on the US stocks but not GTC stops.  I can't make any kind of stop on Proxama, limit day or GTC.


There was slightly more functionality on the mobile app but that seems to have gone now.  I'll try again when the US opens to rule out the possibility of it being your suggestion of not being able to place GTC stops on a closed market.


Your helpdesk informed me IG doesn't allow GTC stops on it's share trading platform, which, if that's the case, would be an odd omission.


Thanks for your help.

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