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 exactly that - for example (I don't understand this stuff, but a basic copy paste example!)


//--------------------------------------------------------------------int Count=0;                                    // Global variable//--------------------------------------------------------------------int start()                                     // Special funct. start()   {   double Price = Bid;                          // Local variable   Count++;   Alert("New tick ",Count,"   Price = ",Price);// Alert   return;                                      // exit start()   }//--------------------------------------------------------------------int init()                                      // Special funct. init()   {   Alert ("Function init() triggered at start");// Alert   return;                                      // Exit init()   }//--------------------------------------------------------------------int deinit()                                    // Special funct. deinit()   {   Alert ("Function deinit() triggered at exit");// Alert   return;                                      // Exit deinit()   }//--------------------------------------------------------------------


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Ok, so if I wanted to share the AIO Divergence indicator I go to MT4 metaeditor find the indicator, edit > select all > copy, then open the 'insert code' tab in a new post and paste.

Then someone else can copy that and in their metaeditor open a new file in indicators and paste.

Close and restart MT4 and the AIO Divergence indicator should be in their indicator list.


The AIO Divergence indicator has 30 different indicators that it will add divergence lines to.

In the pic I have selected RSI and classic divergence is in red while hidden divergence is in yellow.


****  Oh no ,  I just ran smack into the 20 000 character limit for posts.







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I assume the function is intended more for people sharing simple code they have written themselves, most of the indicators I have can be downloaded from somewhere on the web though it would be good to be able to show and share.


Most indicators would fit within 20 000 but there are many around 50 000, the one I tried was big at just under 100 000 and I have a few nearer 200 000.




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