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Guest oilfxpro

Ftse UK100 professional trading system


Christmas present for this community


More details click here:  profitable traders


Read all about profitable successful & professional indices stock market index trading, before commencing any trading.Professionals focus on limiting risk and protecting their capital.




FTSE UK 100 must be aligned at supports (horizontal,trend line and channel supports), for high probability trend  trading.

Supports trades are bought at 4 hour supports or daily supports.We trade indices on mainly long bias, we rarely trade short.

We prefer Dax and U S indices to be aligned at supports or trending in same direction

Historically indices are well supported and indexes usually rise over the long term.To make profit buy at supports of major indices.Supports are at least two trough bottoms on daily or 4 hour charts

This strategy is buy at index supports (horizontal , up trend line and up channel) ,sell high.It will be highly profitable ,if used correctly.Supports are historically good areas to buy ,patience is required to wait for a day or a few days or even a month ,for the trade to go into profit.Buy at bottom of supports in ranging markets.

This is not a breakout strategy ,only 10 % are uptrend breakout trades ,they are only traded after a successful trend breakout and tested and retest of new trend breakout.Rest of the time 90 % buy at supports on pullbacks.


ftse 2


Read more:

Support trades version here http://www.trade2win.com/boards/indices/224294-profitable-support-trading-indices-dow-dax-nasdaq-s-p.html#post2920018


Trending version applied here

CHARTS TREND LINES TRADES https://mrchartist.wordpress.com/trend-lines-trades/


SUPPORT RESISTANCE TRADING https://mrchartist.wordpress.com/support-resistance-trading/


GOOGLE TREND TRADING COURSE FREE https://mrchartist.wordpress.com/dr-charts-trend-trading/




system is proven profitable here http://www.trade2win.com/boards/indices/30470-ftse-professional-scalping-28.html#post2952406


RISK WARNING:no trading strategy is guaranteed to make money, and the phrase 'proven' can be easily misinterpreted. This is an open forum and I need to make sure that although discussion should be open and subjective, it can't be easily misinterpreted by those new to trading who could follow a set of rules without proper due diligence on the validity of those claims. It can also be misinterpreted and used incorrectly by experienced traders.


If you are new to trading please make sure you know the risk associated with your trade and don't simply follow a online guide. Practice on demo until system is learnt,


Many experienced traders make mistakes as below.




Mistakes make losing traders





ftse 2.jpga


I only trade Dax and Dow, rarely trade ftse, I use the same system using options



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oilfxpro recently wrote  "I am still waiting for evidence... Where are the certified audited accounts to prove they don't lose money" which he addresses to others who have only posted links to straight forward education material. While he himself continually posts links to these lame strategies grabbed off the internet and providing only blurred chart screenshots as "proof" that they are profitable, laughable.


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Guest oilfxpro

It is a free Christmas present to those looking for a method and good discussion on "how to make money trading like a pro".There is no money asked for the method system.It is all posted in advance.


I am going to post these charts here to show  you these blue support lines work.There is no need for certified accounts when systems methods are posted for free, the reader can verify these on their own charts . They can also back test the methods.


The site also points out that the owner has no agenda "  to sell any education or mentoring services".Warren Buffet , George Sorros and other professional don't sell education and mentoring services.


As regards internet marketeers , who ask for money for courses, there is a requisite to provide audited and certified counts to prove that it is not another snake oil course.


As regards price action ,there is no similar evidence of profitability, it can be seen with the naked eye on each trader's charts.


If they are seeing blurred charts, on their own platforms, I suggest a visit to the opticians .


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We are STILL WAITING, where are the CERTIFIED AUDITED ACCOUNTS! oh, it doesn't actually work when you do it yourself. 95% of newbie traders lose money following grabbed off the internet strategies posted on forums.


You are posting actual perpetating strategies that over time still can't provide ongoing statistics as to their success rate, that proves they don't work. 


Learn how to trade for yourself from TA educational sites. Don't lift and promote this nonsense from the web unless you have tested it yourself and can show some stats.

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Guest oilfxpro

If you can't look at these charts that I posted and see the profitable opportunities,according to the very simple system posted,  you need to learn technical analysis and profitable trading.


The evidence is there on statistical charts in chart form.These charts are made from statistics.Here you are trying to criticize ,when you don't know that visual charts are made from statistics.


The blue lines on the charts are supports , experienced traders can look at the charts and see the opportunities.


As regards  95% of newbie traders lose money following grabbed off the internet strategies posted on forums , 95 % of all traders lose for many other reasons.Private Trading forums are the blind leading the blind, usually infested by losers of the 95 % club.They get vendors on it, trading failures, who have failed at trading and are now acting as teachers to new traders.









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Guest oilfxpro

FTSE lovers may like this system, I trade the more volatile Dax or Dow  Jones US30 WALL STREET,  using the same system posted in the first post.I have traded the ftse with it in the past.


Many of you are ftse lovers, mainly British traders, so you seem to love the ftse.I love the volatility of the DAX and Dow , so I trade them instead.


Here is my Dow / Dax  thread with live advance calls , showing I have confidence in this method system.





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So, you can't provide the evidence you demand from others, hmm. The charts are garbage, and is that 'Barry's auto MT4 support/resistance indicator you are using? It's rubbish too, at least with 'SupportResistanceLevel EX4'  on which you can change the parameters to suit the time frame you are be using you might find more relevant.


Drawing a chart with lots of red and blue lines has no context and is meaningless, where is the anticipation as to the important levels and potential future moves? We have already discovered you haven't got a clue where the dax is going so now you have turned attentions to the ftse, why is that? Because without basic TA you just presume every way is up but all such strategies just give back all their gains made from up trends to lose it all during ranges and down trends. That's why there are no profitable statistics on any of your schemes?


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Guest oilfxpro



All your arguments are psychologically incorrect and technically incorrect.Buying supports (value) is done on major supports on higher time frames like daily and 4 hour hour charts  , according to the first post here , so all your arguments are irrelevant.


If you buy at supports, you make more money than trend trading, something you don't seem to understand.You lose more money trying to trend trade, because 80 % of the time they fail to materialize.



Warren buffet and George Sorros have been contacted with your requests for discussions on technical analysis.They are lacking your genius in technical analysis.


They are going to start using technical analysis after buying this course from trade city.




I have recommenced George Sorros and Warren Buffet  go to your site and buy this membership, the site to whose links and videos you posted many times  on this forum.



You don't seem to understand very simple English,  I trade the Dax and Dow for higher volatility.I have very little extra time to do analysis for FTSE  and post it here , but some ftse lover will have the time for it. 


I give up with these educational sites.I am not going to discuss your technical analysis in this thread anymore.I have already posted contradictory  videos in your technical analysis thread , these are debunking  your technical analysis posts and videos.


If you don't like the system, let others have opinion on it.Can you not try to complicate trading for others?


This is a very simple support system that makes money.You can see it on the charts.


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oilfxpro recently wrote "All this technical analysis is for amateurs" & "Why technical analysis is shunned by professionals Smiley LOL" & "If technical analysis was a reliable science, we would have an automated software to buy, universities would teach it as a subject."  

(universities do teach it as a subject actually).


But here he shows his chart of ftse with support and resistance, an oscillator, moving averages, trendlines and something that looks like the Bill Williams Alligator. In fact there is so much technical analysis on it you can't even see price.


Constant contradictions make discourse confusing and ultimately irrelevant. The main aim seems to be solely to bounce onto other people's threads and try to derail them. Now that I have discovered how much fun you can have by doing just that I don't think I will be able to stop. :smileylol:



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Guest oilfxpro



It was not taught at universities until recently .I fink you will get more blind leading the blind, there are more who fail and teach .




I used to use technical analysis  but gave up  using it, these are old templates I use for extracting charts.I don't use any of it for live trading.









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Hi all - I have had to edit the thread name because no trading strategy is guaranteed to make money, and the phrase 'proven' can be easily misinterpreted. This is an open forum and I need to make sure that although discussion should be open and subjective, it can't be easily misinterpreted by those new to trading who could follow a set of rules without proper due diligence on the validity of those claims. 


If you are new to trading please make sure you know the risk associated with your trade and don't simply follow a online guide.

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Guest oilfxpro

Hi Casey


Here is my I G account showing I don't trade on this account .I only use this account for charts occasional, but as I said I don't use t/a.The options I trade are on a different account , and not available on mt4.





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Guest oilfxpro

Ftse is correlated to gbp , it becomes more expensive for foreign investors, if £ is stronger. Ftse should fall if £ is stronger and ftse should rise if £  is weaker , but it does not always follow this pattern.Other factors include the correlated indices behavior.



That is really not technical analysis. It is fundamental analysis.Technical analysis alone is unreliable.It is only the road map to the trading gold.


In stock market technical analysis, support and resistance is a concept that the movement of the price of a security will tend to stop and reverse at certain predetermined price levels. These levels are denoted by multiple touches of price without a breakthrough of the level.


Support levels get broken on a short term basis, so be prepared.I trade options by trading weekly options  and adding at lower overshoot levels, by not taking excessive risk.





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Guest oilfxpro

The ftse trade I posted made 25 ticks.


I closed it for 2 because I had other positions open on dax , ftse is not my preferred instrument.






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Guest oilfxpro

I like the price action on ftse  bullish but not very bullish yet.


Previous resistance is support white line , up channel , bullish candle action


buy 7555 stop 20 ticks , it can breakdown and lose money.


but dow is in a ranging box in an uptrend


ftse.jpgdow range.jpg

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