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Oh Look, there is another James16 giving trading education, and they don't look like they are working off a £1000 account like our oilfxpro. Could this be just another oilfxpro deception?


Did you notice the big difference in the quality of charts oilfxpro posted today as he unmasked to reveal himself as James16, compared to the charts he has been posting on this forum for the last 2 years, yes.


Our oilfxpro (James16) came out recently as to having self confessed psych issues, now I really believe him.


Clearly he has paid for tuition on this site and now has assumed the persona.










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Guest oilfxpro

make up your own mind ,I am providing evidence




member is banned for complaining

He tells his opinion about a possible scam, with arguments, and he is automatically suspended by a senior member.




traders are tired charlatans selling education.






James must be a billionaire but he is not


If a good trader can earn a simple 30 pips consistently a day from trading , a trader can become a billionaire in 5 years




LEARN THE TRUTH! 2500 trading systems yet 99 % of forex traders lose !forex factory Psychology section








The whole trading industry benefactors , rely on hiding the importance of trading psychology , in order to attract new traders to open accounts.If a broker , mentor or vendor , was to advertise “you will lose because the traders are wired to lose ” , nobody from the vendor side is going to make money .This is because they won’t attract new traders , the brokerage model relies on new recruits to replace the losers of this year. Mentors will not get new subscribers and educators will lose out .


Traders can make money with I G options, like I do and avoid psychological issues.




If we hide psychology, we will get more buyers of price action courses .Learn the truth.


trade city george soros2.giftrade city.gif








Anybody who trades without options, with price action alone will inevitably have psychological issues.This is why forex factory hides psychology section.


Tradecity links by casey










tradecity price action course.gif

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Guest oilfxpro

141000 posts so they want failures to keep clicking ads on forex factory




when all you need is a simple price action instruction like this chart.







Most people are not successful when it comes to trading. Why?141000 posts

Van Tharp :I can answer that question on a number of levels. At the most basic level, people must trade by processing information. Unfortunately, we're not very efficient information processors. We have a lot of biases that enter into trading decisions. I've documented 25 of them in my home study program. However, I think most of those biases can be summarized by realizing that trading/investing are very simple processes and we human beings try to make it into something much more complex. Those biases are all about adding complexity to the world.

141000 posts


ftse price action 2.jpg

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Guest oilfxpro

Here is more evidence


Don't forget all the pretenders who were posting  on forex factory, they claimed to be educated by James 16




prender keep.gif




I'm with the dragon on this one. Every time someone questions a commercial member, out of the blue appear those who call the thread an embarrassment, ask to bin it, or to ban the thread starter.




As of today there are 12,500 trading discussions and 2750 trading systems, but the funny number is the number of 9700 threads in the commercial sector.


Almost 80 %  are failures trying to "market the map to the forex gold".They can't make money from trading, otherwise these charlatans would be billionaires.More charlatans than traders !If 80 % are there on forex factory to sell  their wares, that means only 20% are traders, since 95% fail they end up on forums to recover their losses from trading.The 95 % end up on private forums, to sell the map to the trading gold.








tradecity price action course.gif

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Hi all - just moving this thread to General Trading as I think it suits better. Also please remember the Community Guidelines when it comes to posting as significant linking, non relevant pictures and gifs, and non contextual text can be construed as spam.



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Guest oilfxpro

Hey Casey 

Get out the lulz  meter


This is very bullish price action on Eur USD 


Second attempt in two day with strong bars, uptrend and reverse head and shoulders.


All my charts that posted on the thread were site on my computer, very from my early, fx days:smiley  lol:


euro pa.jpgeuro pa2.jpg

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Yes @james16  but do you know why? - no, well let me explain, the ecb minutes released at 12:20 am indicated they were not so keen to withdraw stimulus quite as quick as the markets were expecting. So fundamentals driving a re-positioning. Will be interesting to see if it was a one off move or has some follow through.


As people have said, dumping a hundred old charts onto a thread is meaningless. And 'all your own work' too, and yet the charts in the first post were clearly not your own. Another deceit. 

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Guest oilfxpro

That is not a hindsight assessment, that is a statement of the current form of the currency.I already traded it via a dax short.


I already made 35 ticks after option costs, as regards captain hindsight we are still waiting for your first foresight call.


trades closed 11 1.jpg

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You saw a bull spike and posted that that was bullish, what would we do without you? Now that I look at it it seems so obvious, I don't know why I didn't think of it myself.


As for your hand full of pips on your self confessed paltry account you would still be better off financially if you just got a job, and after two years of trying too. Sad.

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Guest oilfxpro

I can read  a chart , I don't need  narratives, I can see it all .I can listen to youtube videos  , the verbals is more effective than reading , the beauty is in those videos  but not in the entire content of those videos.




As regards learning from hindsight educators, hindsight analysts  and hindsight amateurs , learners and failures on trading forums, this is for the blind to be led by the blind.

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Guest oilfxpro



I suspect your people at trade city are also a bunch of trading failures, i.e the blind leading the blind.There is no evidence from certified  audited accounts, that any of them make money from trading.


If these clowns were any good at trading ,they would be billionaires.


Trade city education seller must be a billionaire but he is not


If a good trader can earn a simple 30 pips consistently a day from trading , a trader can become a billionaire in 5 years



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