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System Hopping

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Many new traders constantly scour forums for strategies only to find after a month or two that they don't actually work, so on to the next one. This becomes a viscous cycle and leads to 'psychological issues' that are very difficult to resolve. Minimal research would have uncovered that the originator of the strategy had given up on it themselves long ago but there it sits on the forum waiting to be found again and again.


Find a template to build and test your own strategy that suits you and your situation and that you can refine over time to avoid this trap and prevent yourself going round in circles.








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Guest oilfxpro

There are 2700 free trading systems 95 % of forex traders lose 

They are inventing more new systems everyday.Insanity!

Did Einstein really define insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”?If the 2700 systems on forex factory   could be traded by the human mind, there would not be 95% failure rate.You only need 4 to 6 systems and skills to know when to apply which system


Whilst traders hop from system to system, the blame is put on traders for hoping from system to system.The blame actually lies on the charlatan educators, authors who never traded successfully.System hoping is the result of clowns, educating the new traders, any clown who failed at trading can become a mentor,educator, coach or Guru.Do  large institutions employ, people who attended a seminar for £3,000 for 7 days ?They go to proper universities  to recruit candidates with a 3 to 5 year degree and qualifications.These charlatans do not know enough about  what to teach, what to teach that makes successful traders,  and how to teach what makes successful traders.


Anton Kreil Annihilates Retail Brokers and "Trading Educators"



Have the charlatans asked why they are hopping from system to system?


Why do 95 % of traders lose ?




Most systems are not trade able, because our minds are not suited to sitting through months of draw downs and no profit.The charlatans will tell you to go through 3 months of break even months or a losing draw down period.We as humans can not do it, period.I trade a method which gives consistent weekly rewards/profits, I have the same system for bigger profits but I don't use a very profitable method, because I can not trade for 2 years without a profit


Most systems are not consistently profitable, most traders can not sit through periods months/years of losses or no performance.They don't trade, they sell education of systems etc which is not trade able.



95 % of traders lose money.They end up on forums as teachers to new traders   , 95% failures  hang around trading forums, and forums are infested with failures who advise ,teach , mentor and coach new losers/trainees on the forums.They are the blind leading the new blind.You will lose money using opinions of forum gurus!



Most trading education mentors ,gurus ,educators,teachers and advisers , who don't teach trading psychology are  scammers.This is because psychology is 100 % of success ,they know psychology is most important in trading, this is why they lose .This is why the education scammers don't trade   , they fail with their mindsets , they only teach technical systems through systems,methods,books and courses.

                    scammers teach ,they try to debunk trading psychology with rebuttals.They don't want new traders to know , that without psychology/mental skills  , the new trader will fail due to psychology of our brain , educators  promote this  misinformation to new traders.




The evidence is there on forexfactory, there are simple free profitable methods ,2700 systems and techniques , yet 95% fail and disappear.If traders don’t understand the mind ,how it works subconsciously in trading , the traders can not have any plans for the 90% risk of under performance due to psychology.It is with the mind where traders lose in trading due to emotions ,stress , need to be right , subconscious emotional executions ,mind traps , automatic mind in trading , beliefs in trading , subconscious errors , brain command center shutdown during trading , brain freezing in trade executions ,the power the thought , negative wiring of human brain and it’s performance in trading ,meditation , unreality reading of the real market conditions,cognitive biases in trading decisions , mental traps , revenge trading,overconfidence, lack of confidence, benefits of patience and disadvantages of impatient traders , impassivity , self sabotage in trading executions , stress responses , amygdala hijackings ,personality , ego and other psyche characteristics.

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Guest oilfxpro

The systems were sold by snake oil salesmen, when the traders decided to use them, they knew they were scammed by some con artists on the private forums.So they need to change their systems, i.e hopping from system to system.


On another occasion, the buckets shops sponsored the private forums, the private forum owners scattered the forum trading systems with 2500 snake oil systems , through their stooges.This pleased the bucket shops and they sponsored the forums.The  poor traders found the snake oil systems do not work, so they need to  hop from system to system.


The system scammers sent their stooge to all the forums, to post links back to multiple sites of the system scammers.So the readers on forums got tempted by the holy grail system of the the scammers stooge links, they bought the systems and got scammed again, so they went and dumped the systems which don't work, on all the forums ,in revenge on the scammer.


Everybody else got the scammer's systems and started hopping  from system to system.


The educational scammers never felt guilty, they kept on posting advertising links to scammer's sites telling them about system hopping , for which educational scammers get rebates.


So when the scammer's realized, the whole forum been watching them, they started posting free systems on the forum ,to look innocent.The scammers were dealing, anti scammer teams.When they posted free systems again, the system hopping went round in circles again.


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There's nothing wrong with systems and also systems which don't work now doesn't mean they won't work later. Its worth learning all systems and finding out how they work or why they work.


Eg turtle traders used a system which worked but now doesn't. The market adapts when everyone does the same thing. So it's worth knowing what systems are out there and how to tweak them to get in ahead of everyone. The only thing people should be aware of is it may not work and if is working can stop working at anytime.


I am thankful to system salesman and all systems on the Internet because it helped me learn what moves the market and where markets could reverse depending on certain indicators/trend lines etc. Once you learn this you look at charts differently and the probability of being right increases.

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Guest oilfxpro



I am going to give you the secret of making systems work.


In trading, systems are like tools, hammer /screwdriver/drill , a craftsman has to know which tool to use at the appropriate time.The most important psychological skill is patience, patience to wait for entries, exits and take profits, if that skill is present one can wait for the opportunities,.

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If I know that a system is going to make money over a period of time then patience is the easiest skill to learn. The reason people become impatient is because they don't have any confidence in their trading system or don't have one so are constantly trying to make sense of the market.

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Guest oilfxpro

Patience impatience is caused by many psychological issues,  i.e FOMO (fear of missing out), being in a potentially highly profitable trade, in a trend , that is losing for about 4 to 8 hour  (the charlatan educator or systems says cut your losses ), in draw down periods or non performance for 3 months.A lot of real trading  will make traders very impatient.


The systems on scalping and short term trading systems, have a a high probability of arousing psychological demons within the trader, are not compatible with trading as this is the way our brain is constructed.These short term systems make traders impatient, the worst ones are the screen watching trading.


Our brains are like clever monkeys, we try to get clever in the market, we invent new systems when we have profitable simple systems that work,  we like to try something new ,we will  second guess systems and jump in , we try to get clever with complicated technical analysis that is a mess, we add more indicators and conformations and become too patient to succeed and miss trades.


You have to experience real trading for a year , to experience it all .This video clever monkeys is about our monkey brain, we still behave like monkeys with trading systems.






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Guest oilfxpro

A journal sold is not going to solve any problems.Systems don't work because market timing is difficult, most  systems rely on market timing and our brain being in reality with the markets, they are not.


Trader's minds are not in reality with markets, what they see on charts is not reality.Here is another thread worth

reading the article:


Your Brain Wasn't Built to Handle Reality





What Happens When You Try to Time the Market?

The same market timing handicap is applied to trading, otherwise every trader would make money.




The third reason is trading pychology

You can give then 10,000 systems, but if you have not got the brain/psyche to trade them, these systems need hopping.




Trading psychology the best knowledge


mind is a mess.gif

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People run through a succession of systems because they can't handle the psychology of real trading, they look for a single system to fit all market conditions until their account runs dry or instead simply stick to demo until they get bored.


A journal is without doubt the best way to rationalise your trading and allow you to plot a clear path and avoid the vicious cycle of a succession of strategies that are doomed to fail because the market simply doesn't work like that. The one strategy would have been discovered and countered long ago.


The market  is psychological, without psychology you will fail and no tonnage of 'cut and paste' from drab public forum sites will change that.

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Guest oilfxpro

Journals have a benefit , I don't disagree with that.This is why my  threads here have live trades, psychology  and other information about practical trading.


If traders are writing journals on forums, they should be free and part of the forum's free posting section.All the popular forums have free posting journal sections.


I can just set up free journals on word press.I am not in favor of paid sites.







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The key is to have a record of many trades and the affect they have on your account.  

There is no need to use a paid version journal though their blurb is useful for highlighting their uses.


A simple excel spreadsheet that can auto calc the basic stats is all that is needed. Win/loss rate, risk/reward ratio. I have referred to this one in many posts. Can be downloaded here. (Mostly uses drop down boxes for easy entry, not all need to be filled)





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