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IG Live


Hi ,everyone ,hope you had a lovely weekend . Could I ask which days normally Joshua Mahony does " IG live on air now " please ? I think his prediction is quite accurate .Thank you very much .Looking forward to your reply.




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Is IG Live now on certain account as on my account I don't get the option to watch anymore. I miss the morning call

If you were to add a spread betting or CFD account you would be able to watch these live via the 'Notifications' pull out from the right hand side. If you are looking at previous live shows please check out this link (however they will obviously be uploaded after the live event). 


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Hi James,


Thank you for your reply . I understand I could watch via the 'Notifications', could I ask does he on IG live on  certain days such as every Monday or Tuesday ? Thank you very much .



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, just wondering if you had the same problem I had with IGTV. I couldn't pull up the videos at all yesterday or early this morning but they're working for me again now. If that's what happened to you might be worth clicking on the icon and seeing if they're back.



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