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Scalping Order Book Problem




I am using the ProRealTime charts v10.3 and placing orders with the Scalping Order Book.


I place market orders with a stop and take profit and everything works well -


Until I try and close the trade manually by clicking the EXIT button on the Scalping Order Book.


It should of course close the trade immediately with just one click.


However, I find I have to click eight or nine times before the position will close.


As a scalper, this is pretty *****!


Has anyone else experienced this problem - and found a solution?


I only have one chart window open, and with just three ema's, so the chart is not suffering from overload.


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Today I placed trades on the ProRealTime Charts using the BUY/SELL Market Buttons at the top right of chart and manually closed the trades using the RED X to the left of the chart.  The trade closed immediately on all my trades.


So this shows my computer is working OK, and there seems to be a real problem with the Scalping Order Book when using the EXIT to close a trade.



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