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AIM stocks not available for leveraged trading??

Guest LSimm

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I am unable to go long or short on any of AIM stocks - is that not available on IG at all???

get the message: 'This stock is only available for non leveraged trading'


Anyone can explain please..

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Thank you for your replies.

I have AIM stocks added to my watchlist but cannot trade most of them .. few examples: TLOU, BOIL, LION,URU, UPL.. Also there is no indication that I wont be able to open a position - only get the message when I actually try to place a trade (the button is green but the message appears when I click it).  Not very useful. 

New to CFDs really so still learning but find it hard to find enough information on IG.


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well they all look like legit AIM tickers, the only one I could not find was UPL(?)


I don't see why IG would not have these available. Have you called the dealing desk to check? I would expect them to be available on a speadbet platform but I do not have a CFD account so cannot explain any more.

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Hi  - please find the required info below. With the unborrowable stock you can always give us a call and we can check the underlying market to see if we can secure anything. Stockbroking only stock are generally those markets which have a small market cap, thin liquidity, and wouldn't be suitable for our leveraged offering. As a very rough rule, we're looking for £10m minimum market cap on UK stock, however other things like daily traded volume and free float levels are also important. 


Unborrowable and no guaranteed stops




Stockbroking only

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If they think a stock will rise significantly during the day they don’t make it available on leverage. Remember in CFD you are betting against them in their own ecosystem. 

Perfect example is today. Due to the news over the weekend it was widely anticipated that the FTSE would rise. Guess what all the stocks that I tried which were  “unavailable to trade on leverage”  ended up rising 10pts or more 

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