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Looking for a place to store my ISA limit for last year and this coming. Probably UK equities, reasonable dividend expecation and likely to outperform the market over the next year.  Any ideas anyone please?

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Hi Morpheus,


You probably don't want to hear this but for what it is worth I have all my funds in cash pending clarification of market direction.  I'm happy to forgo dividends and any short term market gains to guard against a major drop (and loss of capital).  It is my belief that any move back up, even to all time highs, will not be substantial and will be short lived.





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I've increased my cash levels also though not sold out as I'm prepared to have and hold a lower level of stocks/funds through any drop that's coming.  I've newly funded my ISA & SIPP but kept as cash for the time being.  Generally I'm not investing now given the uncertainty.  C

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One item you may find of great use in the market screener facility we have. 




In the market screener you can very easily search through various equities based on a number of criteria you create that are based on past performance. Such as Return on investment, Dividend yield or even ratios. 


One of the best features of this is if you are logged in you can then have the search results added to your watchlist in your account! 


Do have a look and let me know what you think.



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