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Price Alerts on Iphone - not working



Good Afternoon All,

The alerts are working fine on the platform web, but not pushing through to my iphone for some reason? so missing out on price alerts when im not near the computer. 

Is there a way i can set a email alert/sms for a price alert?

or how can i solve this so that price alers will show as a notification on my phone



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Are you using iOS? If so this is actually a new issue which is now known. We are looking to rectify this, however until then you can download the old version of the app using the following method. If this isn't the case please let me know and we can investigate further. 


Step #1. Launch App Store

2018-03-06 08_58_31-Inbox - James.Perry@ig.com - Outlook.png


Step #2. Next, tap on your profile picture at the top right corner. Make sure to sign in to your iCloud account, if you aren't already.



Step #3. Tap on Purchased.



Step #4. We need access to the purchased apps which are not on this device, tap on Not on This iPhone/iPad tab at the top. It will show you the list of apps which you have bought using the same Apple ID. IG Trading will be in this list. Click the cloud icon to download it.


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Thanks for your quick reply, i have just downloaded the older version as instructed. 

set an alert, and no push notification as come through? the app (alerts) said it as been triggered but no notification

i am running ios 11.1.1, checked notification on phone and all set 



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