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Guest juliefernandes

hello, mark

L2 is a shares DMA software program which gives additional order sorts and extra complicated dealing functionality. you may apply it to CFD accounts for shares trading, as well as on Stockbroking and ISA bills. With this in thoughts, in case you are experiencing problems, please try the subsequent:


near the platform, restart your laptop and make certain you have the state-of-the-art updates for your device. Double check that you may access the IG platform through a everyday browser and that you could bring up the markets and stock you need to exchange.
You want to make sure you have got the perfect data permissions as nicely. The reason for that is that the individual exchanges rate for live facts. you can make sure your statistics permissions are as you need them to be through the My IG > Settings > records Permissions phase.
ensure you have got the modern updates established to your pc along with the today's L2 software program.
test which you haven’t logged into L2 on an account it doesn’t assist (eg unfold having a bet).
in case you are nevertheless having issues please allow me understand and i can get someone to contact you without delay.



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