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Screening for Institutional Buying

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I saw this article sometime ago (published June 2017) and thought to keep it to check on the progress of the recommendations. They came from a set of screener parameters designed to identify institutional buying of company stock.

Below are the charts to date of the companies recommended by the screener 1 year ago (June 2017). See link for screener specifics.



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so the parameters are

• Current Price greater than Price from 1 Week Ago
• Price from 1 Week Ago greater than Price from 2 Weeks Ago
• Price from 2 Week Ago greater than Price from 3 Weeks Ago

• Weekly Volume greater than Weekly Volume from 1 Week Ago
• Weekly Volume from 1 Wk Ago greater than Weekly Volume from 2 Wks Ago
• Weekly Volume from 2 Wks Ago greater than Weekly Volume from 3 Wks Ago

• Zacks Rank less than or equal to 3
• Price greater than or equal to $5
• Average 20-day Volume greater than or equal to 100,000 shares

Is there an easy method to look at these things? How do you do it? Charts seem to show varying degrees of success. Do you think the method works?

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Hi @247trader,  the results are very good, 4 of the 5 had 6 months of gains from the June start date and 2 of those 4 the gains continue to date while the other 1 of the 5 had a ballistic 1 month gain before collapsing.

The top 6 on the screener list can be gleaned from a chart, the Zack's Rank is not so important (from article), don't include low priced stock (7) and the last one can be done roughly as it's just there to ensure sufficient liquidity to be able to get in and out.

I thought it looked relatively simple and performed very well over the sample of 5 picked stocks. Coupled with a moving average trailing stop all 5 would have made good gains.


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    • Thank you JamesIG for your explanation of how IG determine their price charts. "This means there will always be a discrepancy with the highly publicized index price" ... Yes that is also noted but your company "interpretation" has the low 9 days before the other outlets. However you want to spin (explain) it. That makes it incredibly difficult to ascertain what a real low is.....is it the one you show or the one the others show? It also, at least to me, appears that best practise would be served if the resulting price chart reflects the index it purports to follow/promote. EWT users ( I follow a US analyst) will know the frustration. His DOW chart shows a different low....and therefore a different count. Tongue in cheek.....so when was the recent low in the past two weeks?