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PIPFINITE trend pro stepma indicator trading system long term system

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Buy in the direction of the weekly and monthly trendlines , this will reduce choppy false breakouts.

Sell in the direction of the weekly and monthly trendlines , this will reduce choppy false breakouts.

This one uses daily charts for trading

Stop loss :blue line on stepma_v9_pipfinite_prow + 30 pips

Short entry :below stepma_v9_d orange // after price falls from above in last 4 hours

Long entry :above stepma_v9_d orange //after price rises from below in last 4 hours

Profit target :300 pips

Close when trend line breaks on weekly charts, until then run your profits.

If blue line is flat do not trade reversals on daily /weekly trend // this is a option

Indicators are attached.Same indicator for different time frames , moving average indicator called step ma  = step  moving average


More information about the indicators


copyright and information






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18 minutes ago, TrendFollower said:

How credible is this 'PIPFINITE' trading system?

Who is the company or individual behind such a system? How credible are they?

None of the links work or they may have been removed by IG, not sure which. 

Is this post not an informal way of marketing a product to the IG Community which may not be suitable?

I use the free version  from the mql5site , the pipfinite may very well be the same indicator. I am just showing you it is the same thing  if you change the settings on it, it is available freely on the mql5 site , see link I posted, it is in that thread.I have also downloaded it on this site

I have made many profitable EAS using this free indicator called stepma, but pipfinite  is a commercial product without trademarks.  It does the same job as pipfinite.Go enjoy their marketing on youtube and laugh at the fake claims.

Posting similar indicators like pipfinite, is most likely to discourage people to buy the commercial products , because they are only freely available indicators.


At the end of the day, it is only a simple moving average indicator, one of the thousands of renamed and rehashed simple moving average indicators.

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Yes it looks like an auto IG control not accepting them. They don't look like links but rather mq4 program files, in the old community platform they introduced a coding attachment to help post them on the forum so probably no real reason why these should be stopped.

The bottom line is that all systems/indicators/bots work ... sometimes. Everything is profitable ... sometimes.

So you can rightly say that anything is profitable, except for the times it's not, but there's no need to mention that - it just spoils a good story.

 That's why there are so many thousands of them out there, they have all worked for someone at some time until they didn't. 

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Yup it’s an extension which is likely to not be supported and rightly so. Otherwise people click on the link and it’ll auto download software which no one wants.

id remove the links if I was you and link to a webpage. Again as said about even that may be seen as promotion...

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If people don't like this indicator , they don't have to take it .The moderators can remove them and define clear rules for not posting them .They should disable the ability to upload mql files in the future.


Anyway this indicator is better than a lot indicators, it kept giving me better results, compared to simple moving averages, on back tests  on eur/usd,gbp/usd. dow and dax.Maybe it repaints.


The indicator is available on google search  for  StepMA_v9.mq4 .Just play around with the settings , you will find the same results as pipfinite , with a few long term weekly trendlines.




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There is something very good about this indicator, that people don't realize.

Unlike a  normal moving average indicator, this one incorporates  a volatility increase input , into the reading of the indicator.It is easier to filter out trends from fakes moves , by adding volatility increase over the period of the indicator  readings. In trend prices  tend to be more volatile, if it was not more volatile , there is no serious trend.

So the stepma metatrader indicator is a quite good because of the following code.

StepSize (in points) is average noise or average volatility for the certain quantity of bars ( BarsNumber=0 for full history ).

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