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ProRealTime - ProScreener - SCREENER - Sorting Criteria


Dear Sirs:

I employ the code below to calculate the rate of change

for the European FX season, starting 07:00 UK time.

I wish to sort the pairs according to ticker symbol,

rather than by season rate of change (rc).

Does anyone know the correct code line for SCREENER - SORT?

The programming code I used:



n = 660
iv = (IntradayBarIndex - n)

IF Time >= 0700500 AND iv > 1 THEN
rc = ROC[iv](close)

rc = 0




Hope to get a response soon.

With thanks,





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@Caseynotes Is very good with this sort of thing however there is a specific pro real time forum somewhere on prorealtime.com which gets a lot of discussion and maybe better for this question. 

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