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Measuring Trade Performance

Guest Hadley

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Guest Hadley

Hi All,


Can anyone offer any advise of software or websites that support IG accounts and provide performance analysis. 

I used to use MyFXbook which i found useful, for looking at stats. Im struggling to find anywhere that supports this for IG.


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Hi @Hadley,  MyFXbook and ForexFactory don't support very many broker platforms but they do support MT4  which many brokers also support including IG so that is the way to connect your IG account to MFB or FF.

IG is currently developing its own account analysis platform for its clients but there is no release date on that as yet.

A third option is to download and start your own trading journal spreadsheet, see this thread here;




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Guest Hadley

Hi Caseynotes,

That is really insightful and just the answer i was looking for thank you. I was unaware this could be done via MT4, which is a viable option. I have also found a number of similar 'analysis platforms' that support MT4 now.

I think the analysis platform is a good move for IG, imagine it will be a while before it comes into play.

I think MT4 is the solution so thanks again.

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That's right, MT4 has a pretty good analysis tool of it's own;

just click on the terminal icon then at the bottom of the screen click the account history tab and then right click within account history for a dropdown box, select a time frame and click save as report or save as detailed report.

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