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Could it be the case, when the great day comes next March and we regain control of our country, our laws

our financial matters, that this crazy ruling from the ESMA  on margin requirements will be OVERTURNED ? I've been spread betting 

for over 15 years now and only have had a few margin calls, that I attended to immediately .  I wonder why I'm

being disadvantaged ? If 80% of clients can't manage their risk levels ,that's their problem. This is way beyond a 

nanny state, it's Orwellian .  Room 101 here I come. 

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This article published today has some interesting concepts to consider.


... The short term economic viability of the retail client segment will be severely stressed.

... We expect to see further development in regulation as the ESMA changes could create arbitrage opportunities for retail clients taking advantage of zero balance protection by having equal and opposite positions at different providers ...

... it will be interesting to see how the regulator reacts to some brokers who are ‘pushing’ their retail clients to their entities outside the ESMA region. This is permitted as long as the regions are seen as equivalent jurisdictions in terms of client protection and regulation (i.e. Mifid 2 rule mapping)....

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there is absolutely no way in **** that leaving the EU will result in removal of this ESMA chat. The FCA have said explicitly that they support these rules and regs. 

It's happening boys - if anything we're FAR more likely to see places like Asian-Pacific (including Australia) get the same sort of leverage restrictions. 

It looks good to core voters and people who don't understand. In the same way as people make a big whoop dee doo about plastic straws (which actually only account for 0.03% of the plastic in the ocean compared to abandoned fishing nets and fishing gear which accounts for 46%), governing bodies and financial institutions will be able to say "Look - we have done a goody good good here and restricted peoples trading leverage (the common man sees leverage as bad little do they know the banks are still working off 35x leverage with their home mortgages and such)  so when the next big market crash happens we'll be able to say we helped"....

bore off.

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    • Hi There - Any update on this??? Or is it time to move my accounts to a platform that can provide DRIPs?
    • Hi There - Any update on this??? Or is it time to move my accounts to a platform that can provide DRIPs?  
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