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Wall Street KO - trade rejection message

Guest f14


Hi - I am having issues with the Wall Street KO - simply cannot get a trade on - and yes it moved 50+ points in the direction I tried to trade - and yes I know I sound like a bitter and twisted ****.

But seriously trying to get a trade accepted and failing, reminded me of the bad old days circa 2005 - is this new "derivative" under powered or over populated with every man and his dog trying to get around the ESMA ruling ?

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Hi - I've just had a look at your rejections and I believe they are down to trying to deal on 'stale' or old prices. Effectively the number you are trying to trade on are not the ones which are pushed from our servers. This may be down to a slow internett, poor wifi or 4G connections, or firewall software on the PC itself. If this happens again please try and refresh your browser, and if the issue persists please give us a call so we can have a look into what is happening. Issues like this are easier to resolve whilst on the phone so we can investigate in real time. 

Thanks - james 

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