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Different OHLC values in another account

Guest sushantv


Guest sushantv

Hi everyone!

I just had a small query. I am on a demo IG.com account using MT4. Was checking the chart for EURUSD but the values for OHLC on my account is different from the one shown on my friend's MT4 even though the timeframes are same. Why exactly this happens ?  Is it because its a demo account so the values can vary ? 


Thank you!

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Hi @sushantv, there may well be a slight difference between demo and live as demo is built as an experimental platform for developers and won't always mirror the live platform but the difference should not be great. There may also be a difference if your friend is using a different broker for their price feed but one again that should not be a large and potentially exploitable difference. 

If there is a large difference it may be down to technical difficulties such as has been noted on the IG demo mt4 and web platforms this last week, see;


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