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Shaded Area of Trade

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Hi @CFDFutures, the spread doesn't usually show up like that but I'm not sure which platform or account type you are using?

The spread is just calculated on entry and exit so when you buy to enter you buy at a higher price than the mid so immediately the position shows a small loss, if you sell to enter you sell at less than the mid so again the position shows a small loss, the spread is basically your entry and exit fee.

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Hi @cfdfutures, I've found that the newer, standard IG spread betting platform does this when you move your stop.  It greys the zone that is too close to the current price for your stop to be able to go.  Leastways it does on my computer running either Firefox or Chrome.

The depth of the zone depends on the market you're in and (anticipated?) volatility I think.  Often near economic announcements you're not allowed to set it as close. e.g. on GBP/USD out to 12 points rather than the usual 6.

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    • Hello, Is any interest paid on "available" cash (not "margin") in a spread betting account? For example, if I held £10k in an account and had no open positions. The reason for asking is that I understand that proceeds from short sales in a CFD will receive interest (benchmark-2.5%), so was wondering if that applied to all cash, and couldn't find an answer on the web site.   Thanks.
    • Hi @Mark12 If you are trading shares, you will have the option to place a limit order to sell your existing position. When the market opens, please check if your order level is close to where the market is trading. All the best, OfentseIG
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