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SB account using MT4

Guest jgrills


Guest jgrills

I have just opened a Forex SB account with IG using MT4. When I have gone to open a trade its asking me to input 'Volume' not £/point? can someone please explain to me why it is saying 'Volume' and/or how I make an order using 'volume' while SB,

thank you.

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Hi @jgrills,  I think it is down to MT4 being third party, IG can't rearrange the labels only what they represent. I think the term 'volume' is in reference to amount of lots. Certainly on the IG MT4 platform 1 volume is £1/point as per their own platform. You may also want to consider using some of the bundle of IG apps download for MT4 which includes the 'mini terminal', see pic below. It allows bracketed orders such as entry, stop loss (or trailing stop) and take profit, notice the amount is labelled 'Lots' but it is a spread betting account and 1 lot equates to £1/point.

Note too that that the spread here is given as 20 which equates to 2 points and the preset stop loss at 100 equates to 10 points. You can also make different additional templates for bracketed orders



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