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Balances of new platform are incorrect


Hey there,

Just checking if there is an issue with the Select Balances configuration today as the funds my funds balance is listed under my available balance.

The profit and loss is ok.

There is no amount under Margin.

There is no amount under Equity.

Equity used says 0% which is incorrect.


Thanks in advance 




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yep platform price feed working ...but all/deposit  balances /fund/ P&L  ..totals not working !!!!  this is really bad service a fault like this should be announced on web site atleast ...

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Yep. Issues with Equity and Margin not displaying properly.

Also no other numbers work unless refreshed manually.

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I have exactly the same issue. I noticed it yesterday evening. It is 5:00 am at the moment in the UK and still the same problem. 

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Thank you for the reporting the issue. As other Community members noticed, the issue was resolved on Monday. It may be worth noting that, in the future, if you experience platform issues, please give us a call! The community is a more passive Help & Support area for clients to talk among themselves.

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