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Accessing TORONTO exchanges TSX and TSXV

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There are a number of equities listed on  the Toronto  TSX TSXV Exchanges. 

IG doesn't appear to list them. Any ideas welcomed on Brokers that give exposure to these Exchanges 

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Hi @Pixelated, you can ask for them to be included on the IG list here on the forum or by contacting IG by other means, if they meet IG's criteria for listing there should be no problem, which ones were you looking for?

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did you get an answer to this? I also want to buy some TSX / TSXV stock, but don't appear listed. Any help appreciated. Thanks. 

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For normal sharetrading IG does not have Canadian stock exchanges active to trade.  Would certainly be of interest if they could change this decision - I have to use other brokers for Canadian stock trading.

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