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Advice on avoiding ESMA restrictions

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22 minutes ago, business8 said:

My initial thoughts are New Zealand.

don't know about New Zealand but note the contact for IG NZ is in Australia (on the compare page posted above).

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New Zealand is only available for local residents only ...Switzerland is the best option but you do need a much higher minimum deposit

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    • Bitcoin is an unstable cryptocurrency, and it`s hard to make predictions about how it will cost next month or next year... Bitcoin's price is so volatile because of speculation. While it's possible to buy physical goods with Bitcoin in some places, the large majority of Bitcoin transactions are still investment-based. ... This buy-sell cycle is what makes Bitcoin's price so volatile. Indeed, retail traders tend to buy and sell based on emotion and market hype, which can lead to significant swings in bitcoin's price. Retail traders are small investors that buy and sell bitcoin for their personal accounts. You need an fbs broker, to clarify the situation.
    • oh, neither Policing Minister Kit Malthouse or Owen Wetherill, the Police Officer leading police response to the pandemic know what the law is anymore, but never mind because you'll be the one paying the £1000 fine when you get it wrong not them ha ha. Meanwhile Scotland introduce a 5-tier system 😏 https://order-order.com/2020/10/22/policing-minister-and-head-covid-officer-both-fail-restrictions-test/ Meanwhile, going down the pub becomes a risky business ... Andrew Pierce @toryboypierce It's outrageous of Police to expect pub landlord to snoop on their customers by demanding photo ID of their addresses. this is UK not China twitter.com/mailplus/statu… twitter.com/toryboypierce/status ?UK not China? not sure anymore.
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