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Advice on avoiding ESMA restrictions


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As a UK resident I'd like to open an IG account & trade a small account with cfd's somewhere outside of ESMA restrictions but am unsure where will be best. Can anyone point me in the direction of an article, forum post or any other info regarding how to make a decision. Does Switzerland have any advantages over say Australia for example? I see Switzerland offers a deposit compensation scheme but Australia doesn't.

Thanks for any help

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Good morning,

Can anyone shed some light on this subject, please?

So I have switched to Aussie CFD account however I have noticed when buying stocks I get charged a commission of £10 per trade and I will be liable for tax as well. So what are the benefits compared to spread betting and CFDs?

Hence why I am with CFDs now is because Aussie account does not offer spread betting, will they be bringing that option in soon? 

Regards Trev


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4 hours ago, Caseynotes said:

National lottery , scratchcards, online bingo - no problem, but leverage in trading !

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I just read the ASIC consultation paper. Part of it was drivel and part was fair in some respects. Open to consultation until 1 October 2019. Hopefully they do what they did in Cyprus and relax the margin limit restrictions for traders with "enhanced trading experience".

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Tight Fixed Spreads

Trade the Aussie 200 index with a fixed day spread of 0.9 pts (Less than the exchange spread, no commission) or the Euro-Dollar and Dollar-Yen at just 0.7 pips. All fixed spreads.


Negative Balance Protection

TradeDirect365 offers Negative Balance Protection, ensuring that clients cannot lose more than they have put into their account.


Fixed Prices In Volatile Markets

Plan your entries, exits and stop loss areas with the confidence of knowing that the spreads will not suddenly widen at inopportune times when volatility starts to increase.


Regulated By ASIC

Trade with confidence knowing that TradeDirect365 adheres to the strict licensing conditions imposed by the internationally regarded ASIC governing body.


200:1 Leverage

Get the extra leverage that ASIC regulated providers can offer over other parts of the world to take advantage of trading opportunities at the moment they occur, and without any huge deposits required.


Rebate Program

Get access to our generous bonus rebate offer for your first month trading up to $2500. Terms and conditions here.

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On 22/08/2019 at 17:59, Billmanator said:

I just read the ASIC consultation paper. Part of it was drivel and part was fair in some respects. Open to consultation until 1 October 2019. Hopefully they do what they did in Cyprus and relax the margin limit restrictions for traders with "enhanced trading experience".

I just replied an email to ASIC and CC to IG

I'm not Aussie and in my country there is no such high leverage products to trade. That's why I try to find high leveraged products to trade, and IG is one of the top provider who can trust in pricing, execution, safe of funds and other professional services. I dont want to use unregulated or brokers who setup on some islands somewhere....


I feel a lot of upset more than I lost my trades recently on indices. It means I habe no chance to use high leverage to gain more while if you lose in trading, you can come back but change in leverage significantly, no chances.

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47 minutes ago, business8 said:

once the changes take affect, I will be looking for a new broker, cfd provider - able to offer the leverage we are accustomed to. Any suggestions appreciated

I'm sure there are plenty of fly-by-night operators in dodgy banana republics/tax havens that will happily oblige you.

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On 22/08/2019 at 12:14, Caseynotes said:

Probably not, the FCA seems to be fully behind esma and the regulations.


Didn't the CEO of Hargreaves Landsown come out in favour of Brexit because he viewed these regulations as 'holding back Britain's entrepreneurial spirit'?  We all know what these folk mean by expressions like that.   Shylock demands his pound of flesh.

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