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Trading Stock Options

Guest RezaBasri

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Guest RezaBasri

Hi All,

I want to trade stock options NOT CFD on options. Simple, regular stock options such as Apple/Amazon weekly stock options. It seems IG broker allows me to trade CFD on options but not stock options. Is that true? can I trade typical, simple stock options and spreads? I want to combine a few options and create spreads such as iron condor and covered call/put.

Thanks in advance guys,

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You can indeed to this, however given we don't have the functionality to do so on the platform yet, you would need to give us a call. Once the trade is open you can monitor and see any running profit and loss online, however you would need to close to deal. 

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Hi there,

Just following up with Reza's question last year, does IG offer trade stock options now on single company stocks and not CFDs? I would like to place some call/put options and certain companies but don't see the option in the menu for it in my share platform.



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'Not enough demand' :D

Maybe IG has those IT consultants who get paid lots of money to swan around going to meetings and treating each other like cr@p instead of doing some actual work.  Those types are quite common in the financial service industry I've heard (I wouldn't know).

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