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IG Platform Bug Costing Me Money. Order placed But Disappeared



I placed an order in my CFD account a week ago. It disappeared only to be suddenly executed yesterday.

The timing was all wrong and I would have removed the order but suddenly had an open position on a stock that I didn't want.

IG don't acknowledge this but I think i can't be the only one experiencing this. IG's response has been customer support is really bad 

with this type of thing. Can anyone help? Any similar experiences out there?

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Hi - I've investigated this further and can see that there was no error on our part. I also believe on this trade you actually made a profit, however the commission on the CFD resulted in a cost to yourself. 

I have asked the Trading Services sales trader who you discussed this with previously to contact you directly and look into a one off good will action. They should be in contact immediately :) Hopefully this resolves your experience. All the best and happy trading.  

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Hi Tigerflow, is this issue resolved for you or have you been experiencing this again? 

i would appreciate to know your feedback on this, right now i have seen exactly same problem with IG papper money platform and starting to think theres a bug that ig dont want to admit to while people probably loosing money

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